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About Us


Established in 1997,we are specialized in engine parts such as gasket kits, producing piston ,piston ring and liner for various kind of gasoline and diesel engines applications.

With decades of years of development. now we have developed more than 300 models of products that cover the European-America, Japanese and Korean engine applications.

Today's discerning customers demand reliable, high quality parts at very competitive prices.in order to offer just that, LPR parts is developing new products continuously and

introducing of the advanced equipment and technology from Germany and Japan. The production facilities are precise and the inspection ways have the criterion

We continually improve our techniques to ensure you get quality products with the best technology available in the market. We are committed to lowering your total parts? cost, and maximizing your productivity.

All of our products are manufactured under iso/QS standard and meeting with customer's sepcification

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Basic Information

  • Product Service:

    Piston ,piston ring .cylinder liner