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Piston ring

  • Piston ring speciationIntroduction to piston rings
  • Type of piston ring 3S : Oil control ring ( multi - piece) D  : Bevelled Ring DSF:Bevelled ring with Coil Spring ET:Half keystone ring G:Double-bevelled ring GSF:Double-bevelled ring with coil spring M:Taper-face ring N:Napier ring NM:Taper-faced napier ring R:Rectangular ring S:Slotted Oil control ring SSF:Slotted Oil control ring with coil spring T:Keystone ring TM:Keystone napier ring U:U-Flex ring (Multi - Piece) Guangzhou LPR auto parts ltd can supply various kind of piston ring diameter from 25~280mm Welcome for your inquiry.for more information about piston ring please click here .
  • Piston Ring Surface TreatmentTypical Surface Treatment Technology for Piston Ring